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24 – Become Someone Else

As this term comes to a close I find myself reflecting on what I have learned so far. Deb Morrison has blown my mind many times throughout the term with her wise words along with some really amazing guest speakers who came in to talk with our class. One thing that has really stuck with me since the beginning of the term was the importance of reading. 

I saw this photo and it really stuck out to me. We as consumers can learn so much from the paths others have created for us. A book is a way for a reader to get inside of the brain of the writer. For a moment we can almost become that writer by becoming consumed with their words.

A few books that were suggested to our class as great reads were….

So I thought I would suggest these to anyone who may read this.

Remember to always continue to expand your knowledge. If you aren’t moving forward then you are moving backward. You never stand still.

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