16 – MMMHop

The beloved group Hanson, who many of us grew up crushing on are back at it again. Their original hit MMMBop topped the charts and the hearts of girls around the world, forcing us to fall in love with their long flowing locks of hair. After their one hit wonder the boys practically disappeared…even though they recently put out another record last year. (Who even knew.)

But we loved this song, so here it is for your listening pleasure. Sing along!

These beauties are back at it again. Putting music aside, the trio is brewing up a specialty beer! MMMHop IPA is the name, getting you drunk is the game. Quite clever.

These guys have started their own independent music label where they continue to release their own music along with other Hanson branded products.

From MMMBop to MMMHop these guys have covered it all, and have gotten much cuter too! Pretty smart to offer other products their fans can enjoy while listening to some of their greatest hits.

I’ll definitely have to try out the MMMHop.

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15 – Words to Live By

 Never forget to stay inspired. 




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14 – The 11 Commandments

Found in Henry Miller on Writing are 11 commandments on writing and creativity! These are great commandments to live by and can definitely help you make a daily process to be successful I know that it is far too easy for me to get distracted and stressed out, so these commandments are the perfect way to stay organized and motivated!

These all seem like manageable steps to follow. So try ’em out and see how it helps!

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13 – I <3 Banksy

It amazes me, the things Banksy creates off of random scribble on a building.

Photo By: funkypancake

Banksy’s artwork goes hand in hand with the creative industry. He takes something ordinary and somewhat

of a nuisance to society and turns it into something beautiful with real meaning.

Photo By: funkypancake

This is the sort of outlook on life I think we all need to follow.

Photo By: designwallah

We can learn a lot from his doing.

Photo By: megjegyezhető

I was lucky enough to see this piece in person in San Francisco.

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12 – Whoa

Love, love, love this song. The original by Goyte is really great and very creative, check it out here. But there is something about Walk Off the Earth’s version that just blows my mind. It is truly amazing that a five person group can play on a single guitar. This makes me wish I would have stuck with the guitar as a kid. Silly me.

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11 – moe.

As if Apple products aren’t cool enough already, the band moe. took things to the next level by playing their song Crab Eyes live on iPads. Crazy! The best part about this is that the song sounds identical to the original recording. The band did this as a tribute to Steve Jobs after he passed away. Take a look at the performance!

This is one hell of a way of showing their appreciation to Steve Jobs.

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10 – Fonts and Grammar, They’re an Art

Thank you Max Barkley for the inspiration for this post. As I was sitting next to this young man during class this evening I was peeking over his shoulder at a Facebook response he had given to one of his friends. Want to know what it said? And I quote… “Y?” My jaw dropped. We are journalism students. We know how to spell!

Majoring in journalism at the University of Oregon I now know better NEVER to do such a thing! I know people love to abbreviate, but come on, nothing drives me more crazy than that. I then proceeded to scold him for his wrong doing and went on to think about how fonts and grammar are forms of art. Although they may not seem like an art form to many, to journalists, they definitely are. I have become very picky of both of these topics now that I have learned so much about the both of them.

It is an art form to learn how to write beautifully and it is an art to make your writing look beautiful.

There is an interesting film made about the typeface Helvetica. Sounds boring right? I watched it for a class, and it ended up being much more entertaining than expected. Take a look at the trailer. If you feel like nerding out to a film about Helvetica, I recommend it.

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9 – JC Penney’s

My mom walked in to the house holding a JC Penney bag. My initial thought was, what did you buy for grandma? (“Penny’s” is my grandmothers favorite place to shop.) She then explained to me that “JC Penney’s is changing.” I found that hard to believe and brushed it off. So tonight, while watching some Sunday evening t.v. a commercial came on. I said to my roommate, wow cool, this must be for Target. To my surprise it was for JC Penney.

So I did a little research about this brand change JC Penney’s is experiencing. Peterson Milla Hooks in Minneapolis recently took over the JC Penney account, and boy have they started to give them a new name. I got distracted from my homework while watching all of their new commercials, and I’m glad I did. So great.

JC Penney made a smart decision by changing agencies. They are about to have some major success thanks to Peterson Milla Hooks.

Moral of the story, listen to your mother. She knows what she’s talking about.

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8 – Words From the Wise

“You will make mistakes. Make smart ones, learn from every single one of them, take risks, think big, start small, fail fast. Then scale like a madman.”

– Scott Bedbury

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7 – Back to the Start

Chipotle wowed audiences during last nights 54th annual Grammys with its first ever nationally aired commercial. The Scientist, originally covered by Coldplay was covered by none other than the famous Willie Nelson. This eye-opening commercial got viewers talking.

Such a clever commercial. I thought Chipotle did a great job of trying to bring back the idea of humane, wholesome farming within an industry that is so impure. An idea that has been completely diminished over the years thanks to mass production within the fast food industry. It is commercials like this one that slowly bring people back to reality. Something that changes a lifestyle.

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