It has been almost a week now since I returned home from NYC and I have found this post to be difficult for me to write. Not because I don’t want to write it, but because I have so much stuff flying around in my head that it has been near impossible for me to organize my thoughts.

I went in to this trip with no expectations. All I knew was how excited I was to attempt to tackle New York while gaining knowledge and insight from some of the greatest advertising agencies around. I touched down at Newark airport on Saturday, May 5th around 11 pm. My mother was terrified for me to try to navigate myself from the airport to Manhattan in one piece. After a few wrong turns I had finally made it to Grand Central Station around 1 am looking like a kid in a candy shop. My eyes were WIDE open in an attempt to take in every scene possible. This is how I pretty much was the entire week, a sponge soaking in every scent, smell, taste, view, and feeling as humanly possible. Boy was it exhausting.


1. Take a moment or two to yourself. I met some amazingly talented and interesting people on this trip and had such a great time exploring the city with them, but in all honesty, the time I spent alone wandering the city and allowing myself a moment to really experience what was going on around me was some of my favorite time of the trip. This time alone allowed me to go in any direction I pleased, and by doing this I stumbled upon one of my favorite places I found during the week. Magnolia Bakery. I had the most delicious mini red velvet cheesecake. Yum.

2. New York is not for just anyone. This place moves at a whole new speed, and if you aren’t ready to move along with it, you will quickly be left behind. People in New York work longer, harder, and faster. It is a place where you need to be ok with struggling a little. The ones who make it big are the ones who put every ounce of their being into what it is they are doing. If you are not devoted to this lifestyle then this probably isn’t the right place for you. Being from Eugene, NY was a HUGE change. I absolutely loved visiting but after this trip I realized that it is probably not the place for me. I like to live life at a little slower, more controlled pace.

All in all New York was an amazing experience and I learned a little more about myself while taking in the city. A great piece of advice I received came from Big Spaceship – Find the one thing you do differently and capitalize on it. I think this is an important thing to remember. We are all different, and have great qualities to share with the world, so get out there and share ’em.

Find serenity within the madness. 

What a trip. I’m still exhausted but can’t wait to visit again one day.

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