23 – Doggelganger

“How you doin’?” That is what Congo…the little boy below is saying to the camera. Look at that little side smirk, such a ladies man. While puppy sitting today I snapped a few great pictures of this wild little man. I got to thinking about how he looks like his owner, which in turn got me to looking at other dog owners who look extremely similar to their furry friends.

We have all heard of a Doppelganger. You know, your celebrity look-alike. I’m not exactly sure I have one. But have you ever heard of a Doggelganger? New Zealand’s Pedigree Adoption Drive made this very clever Doggelganger site that matches up a picture of a human with a dog that is in need of a home. This technology finds you a pup that looks similar to you in hopes that it will tug at your heart-strings and get you to bring it home with you. I of course had to try this out because I was dying to know who would match up with me. My Doggelganger was Kim, who was matched to me with 62% accuracy. Kim is a two-year old German Shepherd and Lab mix, and I must say, we did share some similar features. I am too embarrassed to put up the actual picture of me and Kim because I am still in my pajamas from yesterday as I was doing homework all day today. Lazy I know, but none of you really need to see that image.

I thought this was just the coolest website that added a little personality and an interactive aspect to the adoption process. Animal adoption is such an important thing and this is such a clever way to market to a potential adoptee.

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