21 – The Beauty of a Cocktail

I love a good cocktail. Nothing is more satisfying to me than going out to dinner and getting the most delicious drinkable form of art delivered to me. What better way than to spice up your life than with this super cool and colorful infographic of every cocktail you can think of. It is a great piece of art and so informatively fun at the same time. Although throwing a couple back is always a good time, this infographic gives viewers the chance to take a closer look at what they could potentially be sippin’ on.

Too often I see those tacky posters of the different sorts of drinks strewn up on the walls in the homes of (tasteless) college kids. It nearly kills me. This photo however is tasteful piece of art while displaying the same information, just in a much more interesting and detailed way. Add some class to your drinking activities why don’t you! I think I will be purchasing this for my next house…when I live somewhere that isn’t 30 degrees inside and has flooring that hardly supports my weight. Check out this piece of art along with other cool posters here.

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