16 – MMMHop

The beloved group Hanson, who many of us grew up crushing on are back at it again. Their original hit MMMBop topped the charts and the hearts of girls around the world, forcing us to fall in love with their long flowing locks of hair. After their one hit wonder the boys practically disappeared…even though they recently put out another record last year. (Who even knew.)

But we loved this song, so here it is for your listening pleasure. Sing along!

These beauties are back at it again. Putting music aside, the trio is brewing up a specialty beer! MMMHop IPA is the name, getting you drunk is the game. Quite clever.

These guys have started their own independent music label where they continue to release their own music along with other Hanson branded products.

From MMMBop to MMMHop these guys have covered it all, and have gotten much cuter too! Pretty smart to offer other products their fans can enjoy while listening to some of their greatest hits.

I’ll definitely have to try out the MMMHop.

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