10 – Fonts and Grammar, They’re an Art

Thank you Max Barkley for the inspiration for this post. As I was sitting next to this young man during class this evening I was peeking over his shoulder at a Facebook response he had given to one of his friends. Want to know what it said? And I quote… “Y?” My jaw dropped. We are journalism students. We know how to spell!

Majoring in journalism at the University of Oregon I now know better NEVER to do such a thing! I know people love to abbreviate, but come on, nothing drives me more crazy than that. I then proceeded to scold him for his wrong doing and went on to think about how fonts and grammar are forms of art. Although they may not seem like an art form to many, to journalists, they definitely are. I have become very picky of both of these topics now that I have learned so much about the both of them.

It is an art form to learn how to write beautifully and it is an art to make your writing look beautiful.

There is an interesting film made about the typeface Helvetica. Sounds boring right? I watched it for a class, and it ended up being much more entertaining than expected. Take a look at the trailer. If you feel like nerding out to a film about Helvetica, I recommend it.

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