9 – JC Penney’s

My mom walked in to the house holding a JC Penney bag. My initial thought was, what did you buy for grandma? (“Penny’s” is my grandmothers favorite place to shop.) She then explained to me that “JC Penney’s is changing.” I found that hard to believe and brushed it off. So tonight, while watching some Sunday evening t.v. a commercial came on. I said to my roommate, wow cool, this must be for Target. To my surprise it was for JC Penney.

So I did a little research about this brand change JC Penney’s is experiencing.¬†Peterson Milla Hooks in Minneapolis recently took over the JC Penney account, and boy have they started to give them a new name. I got distracted from my homework while watching all of their new commercials, and I’m glad I did. So great.

JC Penney made a smart decision by changing agencies. They are about to have some major success thanks to Peterson Milla Hooks.

Moral of the story, listen to your mother. She knows what she’s talking about.

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One thought on “9 – JC Penney’s

  1. Hey, yes and I just recently started working for JCP salon in Rosedale Mall. The store is in the process of changing to very cool merchandise. The salons have changed their pricing structure to be very affordable! You should come check us out! Ask for Shawn at Rosedale JCP! 651-631-2240! Check out the store…super cool merchandise for very cheap too!!!

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