6 – I’m as Mad as Hell

Carson York, a fellow University of Oregon Journalism student came in to my Advertising/Creative Strategist class today to speak on his experiences and journey through advertising. I was seriously inspired today to get it together. My class has been somewhat overwhelming for me because I never realized just how many different options the advertising industry had to offer. It is my decision where I will end up in this industry, and how much I put in is how much I will receive.

I was shown this clip from The Network months ago and it never really resonated with me until today. Watch it, and try to really soak it in.

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

What a moving scene. At the end when everyone gets up and starts yelling out of their windows represented something that should all be doing. As long as we are staying complacent in our lives, we will be living a life of no significance. Unless you get up and really start doing something, anything, you will be impacting no one.

Take a stand and quit being lazy. If you want something go get it. This is something I need to remember to tell myself each day. We all have something to offer to this world. There is no sense in complaining about your unhappiness because things only change when you take action.

You’ve got to say, “I’m a human goddamn it! My life has value.”

Remember that.

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