5 – The Results Are In

Super Bowl Sunday never fails to provide a great time. I spent it with some of my friends enjoying sunshine, good food, good company, and most importantly, COMMERCIALS . Some we loved, others not so much, but overall we were satisfied with the humor, power, and quality of the commercials presented this year. As I recently discussed the top five commercials of the 2011 Super Bowl, I found it necessary to see what the top five were for the 2012 game.

Here they are…

1. Chrysler: It’s Halftime in America

I thought the Chrysler ad was very powerful. It was a story within a story that allowed viewers to connect with what was being said. It sent a message  and the way it was delivered worked really well. It had the wow factor a Super Bowl commercial should have.

2. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off

3. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism

4. NFL: Timeline

For both the Budweiser and NFL commercials they focused on the product throughout the years, whether it be a sport or a beer. I liked this take on product promotion because it showed viewers how important these things have been to our country since the day they were created.

5. M&M: Just My Shell

Too busy drinking beers to pay attention to the commercials? Take a look here to catch up on what you missed! My favorites always seem to be the E*Trade commercials with the talking babies. Sadly they didn’t make the top five this year but you should still take a look.

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