1 -The Creative Process

What does a persons creative process look like? I was shown an interesting video in my Creative Strategist class the other day on the creative process of Eric Kallman and Craig Allen, two successful men who work(ed) together for Wieden + Kennedy. They drew their creative process together because they never create without the other.

The creative process seems like a bunch of thoughts jumbled together, but through all of the madness, hidden deep inside, is some sort of clarity. In just two words the creative process can be defined. Quantity = Quality.

Today I had the opportunity to get an inside look at many successful writers and designers and how they would describe their creative process on paper. Some used drawings and others used words, but there seemed to be a common theme between all of them…that there is no structure.

What is in a creative process…

  • Patience
  • Cutting things apart and putting pieces together
  • Open mindedness
  • Take in A LOT to get one solid idea
  • Diversity & Possibility
  • Thinking about thinking – Think, then visualize about the thinking
  • The more you create, the better you are at making
  • Create every single day
  • Create outside of work

TICKLE your brain via Ian Cohen – Wexley School for Girls. Weird? Yes. Effective? Definitely. To receive a successful brain tickle you will need – Someone to collaborate with, movement, failure and success (that good/bad feeling), personal feelings. Imagine all the feelings you get from being physically tickled, now take those feelings and imagine them in terms of thinking and being creative.

Now get your brain juices flowing. Hop in the shower, go to bed, find your favorite pen. CLARITY is what you need, the more distractions around the less you will get done. Here we can see the successful creative process of Danny Gregory. He uses sketches, paintings, and words to create. Quite inspirational, and so much talent.

Collaboration is a very important part of the creative process, but so is your own self-knowledge. Most times we are smarter than we think we are. Before you know it, the clouds will part and there your idea will be.


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