Kutcher Butcher

Photo by JD Lasica

Ashton Kutcher has been the talk of the town lately. From taking over for Charlie Sheen on the Two and a Half Men series, his twitter oopsie, and his recently announced divorce with Demi Moore, it seems as though he can’t stay out of the media.

I love Twitter simply for the fact that I can follow my favorite celebrities without having to turn on the news or read a magazine. It is the means for instant communication between celebrities and their fans. One thing I dislike about celebrities on twitter is when they have someone else take over their account and tweet for them. It completely takes out the personal connection and intimacy between a celebrity and their fans.

Kutcher tweeted a misleading protest about the firing of Penn State’s coach Joe Paterno and was attacked with angry responses. After realizing his mistake he gave his twitter account over to “handlers.” I don’t think he took care of this twitter scandal well and instead caused himself more controversy. I read an interesting article about what brands can do to learn from Ashton Kutcher’s mistake.

By erasing his controversial tweet about Penn State he violated the code of ethics. It is understandable how he would just want to rid his account of the unfortunate tweet, but once something is on the internet it is never going away. It is a little disappointing to hear that someone has taken over his account because now it becomes unclear when and if it really is Kutcher talking…or tweeting. Kutcher is definitely not the first to do this and surely won’t be the last.

Check out another good article about celebrities not thinking before tweeting. Celebrities are people just like us and it is unavoidable that they make mistakes too. An apology can always be given to clear the air, but they need to be remember that when they are under an intense microscope they better be ready to take the heat when voicing their thoughts. A few typed words can turn around a career at the click of a button.

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