Herman Cain

Photo by Todd Martin

Oh no, another sex scandal. Over the years we have all seen our fair share of political and non-political sex scandals. President Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, and Charlie Sheen are just a few of the more popular ones. Recently it has been rumored that Presidential candidate Herman Cain paid off a couple women he sexually harassed in the 90s.

These sex scandals seem to bring out the worst in public relations. In Michael Sebastian’s article about the disastrous interview between Herman Cain’s spokesperson J.D. Gordon and Geraldo Rivera on Fox News he shows just how bad things have gotten for the potential President.

There tends to be a habitual trend within most sex scandals, and it usually begins with denial. We have seen some of these more popular men deny a scandal to the skin on their teeth. After countless interviews the truth almost always comes out. Sometimes it’s worse than the original assumption. Then come the apologies. Written or live, the celebrities and political figures give an apology to their family and trusty fans. Here’s Tiger Woods’ apology, a real fan favorite.

So how can political figures and celebrities avoid bad PR when their sex scandals are revealed? Communication is essential.

Prepare for the worst.

Once a person is in the public eye it is almost a guarantee that their skeletons will come out of the closet at one time or another. They should be aware of the possible information that can come out one day, and if and when it does, know exactly how you will want to handle it.

Don’t lie about it.

Lying only makes things worse. Instead of being untruthful about the situation, find a way to express the truth. Chances are people will hate you a lot less if you’re upfront about the situation rather than lying about it.

Take responsibility and own up to the mistakes that have been made. Keep the story straight. Herman Cain’s spokesperson messed up pretty good in his interview with Fox News. Cain recently participated in an interview denying all of the accusations. Things are just getting confusing now.

People tend to get a little power hungry when someone becomes famous, so in some cases a sex scandal really can be false…such as the Justin Bieber baby mama drama. If a story really is untrue, serious measures should be taken in order to clear your name. Do what you can to prove your innocence and you will persevere.

But for now, it looks like this scandal is going to hurt Herman Cain’s chances at presidency. The longer the sex scandal lingers, the harder the hit will be.

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  2. no wonder the world is like this

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