Don’t Do It…

Photo by Amanda Siska

Social media for many of us has become part of our daily lives. We share our most exciting moments with hundreds to thousands of our closest family and friends (and sometimes not so close). It seems as though some of your friends or followers can take it a little too far. Drunk tweeting and Facebooking…not the greatest idea.

Waking up with no recollection of the night before and a horrible hangover should be punishment enough, but now we have to worry about posting stupid things for all the world to see. You’re probably thinking, “but my profile is private.” Well, yeah maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect you negatively someday in one way or another. As we start to grow up it becomes more immature to get wasted every weekend. We have to start acting like (responsible) adults at some point or another.

An interesting post by The Daily Emerald talks about how drunken posts may be an indication of alcohol abuse. I don’t necessarily agree that this is true for everybody drunkenly posting online, but I do believe social media should not be used to display every drunken moment.

Our online existence will follow us around forever. Once it’s on there, it’s never going away. Scary. I usually think of it this way when I’m about to post something, is this something I would want my grandmother to read? If the answer is no then I don’t post it.

Don’t forget that regretful posts can end up trailing you into your career life. None of us want to be denied of a job because of a couple drunk nights in college. Be careful what you post!

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