Sustainable Oregon. Keeping it Local.

Usually I hate most commercials, but today I was pleasantly surprised by a commercal made by the Widmer Brothers Brewery. They have teamed up with Urban Timberworks to salvage fallen urban trees and turn them into tap handles. What a cool idea, and such an Oregon thing! Take a look at the commercial.

This is some of the best public relations and advertising I have seen in a while. People in Oregon love sustainability and Widmer Brothers has done a good job of creating a buzz about their beer while staying local and resourceful.

This commercial creates positive communication about the Widmer Brothers brand. Consumers love to purchase an item that is supporting a good cause and I believe it sways the way a person spends their money if they believe in the campaign surrounding the product.

Consumers are given the chance to take an inside look at Widmer and their attempt to be a little more sustainable. It creates a personal connection to the beer and generates a form of communication from company to consumer that was lacking before. Commercials are meant to send a message to viewers, and the Widmer Brothers commercial does just that. It gives viewers the idea that if they drink Widmer beer they will add a little more sustainability to their lives.

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