Buy a Hat: Change a Life.

I am constantly amazed by how selfless and creative people in our country are. Through all of the negative things going on within the world, there are people out there trying to make a difference.

Photo by Jason Bachman

Crocheting is not just for your grandmother anymore. The Krochet Kids have recently become popularized within the media. A trio of best friends found their love for crocheting in high school. They made themselves handmade headwear for the snow season and quickly became a business among their peers taking custom orders.

After college the three friends started exploring the world quickly realizing the need other countries were in. In 2007 the boys reached non-profit status. Teaching Ugandan women how to crochet would allow them to make products for a fair wage making it possible for them to stop depending on governmental funding. Today over 100 people a day go to their compound in Northern Uganda to work.

The popular brand Volcom Stone hopped on the Krochet Kids cause. The two came together to create Youth for Empowerment Krochet Kids International x Volcom. Take a look at the video they made.

Volcom took the opportunity to communicate with their consumers the importance of supporting this cause by showing how we can help make a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate. The video is simple yet so powerful. The participation with this organization makes good press for the Volcom name and also brings a large customer base to the Krochet Kids organization. The Volcom brand is a name many know. Within the extreme sports community, participators trust Volcom to perform in tough conditions. Because of their participation with the Krochet Kids, Volcom is communicating to their customers and supporters that this is a cause worth supporting.

What these three have done is truly amazing. It’s as simple as buying a hat to change a life.

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