For Love… or Love of Money?

Photo by bdhq

The biggest news that came out on October 31, 2011 was that after 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries. We may have seen this coming, but maybe not as quickly as it happened. Throughout the last 24 hours, the media has become a whirlwind of Kardashian news.

One of the biggest questions about the Kardashian divorce, has been if the marriage was just a hoax to make money. Rumor has it, that Kim Kardashian sold the rights to her wedding for $17.9 million, while her marriage only lasted 72 days. That would mean that her marriage to Kris Humphries cost $10,358.80 per hour. This causes one to question, did she really marry for love, or just the money? Consumers must also realize that during big scandals like this one, the E! Network will be making money as well. Magazines will be flying off shelves and viewers will be tuning in to the daily E! News specials. Scandals = viewers, viewers = revenue.

Celebrity news and gossip has become a major part of our media today. There are networks on television, such as, the E! Network, which are dedicated solely to celebrity news. The industry has found that our society absorbs anything that has to do with celebrities, and it has allowed for celebrities to recognize this as well. This has opened up a whole new form of communication with the media and its viewers. Where there once was only the evening news concerning societal issues, now there is the celebrity gossip news communicating to an entirely different basis of consumers. Networks like E! have found how large of an influence they have on viewers today, from who is dating who to the latest fashions. Celebrities and the E! Network communicate together to create a buzz about each other. Celebrities know they should go to the E! Network if they have big news, and views know to watch E! News if they want to hear more about the latest celebrity gossip.

It’s pretty crazy how influential celebrities have become in our society today, and how consumed we can become with the latest gossip rather than being concerned about the other major worldly issues going on. Take a look at this, she even made it into the New York Times.

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