It has been almost a week now since I returned home from NYC and I have found this post to be difficult for me to write. Not because I don’t want to write it, but because I have so much stuff flying around in my head that it has been near impossible for me to organize my thoughts.

I went in to this trip with no expectations. All I knew was how excited I was to attempt to tackle New York while gaining knowledge and insight from some of the greatest advertising agencies around. I touched down at Newark airport on Saturday, May 5th around 11 pm. My mother was terrified for me to try to navigate myself from the airport to Manhattan in one piece. After a few wrong turns I had finally made it to Grand Central Station around 1 am looking like a kid in a candy shop. My eyes were WIDE open in an attempt to take in every scene possible. This is how I pretty much was the entire week, a sponge soaking in every scent, smell, taste, view, and feeling as humanly possible. Boy was it exhausting.


1. Take a moment or two to yourself. I met some amazingly talented and interesting people on this trip and had such a great time exploring the city with them, but in all honesty, the time I spent alone wandering the city and allowing myself a moment to really experience what was going on around me was some of my favorite time of the trip. This time alone allowed me to go in any direction I pleased, and by doing this I stumbled upon one of my favorite places I found during the week. Magnolia Bakery. I had the most delicious mini red velvet cheesecake. Yum.

2. New York is not for just anyone. This place moves at a whole new speed, and if you aren’t ready to move along with it, you will quickly be left behind. People in New York work longer, harder, and faster. It is a place where you need to be ok with struggling a little. The ones who make it big are the ones who put every ounce of their being into what it is they are doing. If you are not devoted to this lifestyle then this probably isn’t the right place for you. Being from Eugene, NY was a HUGE change. I absolutely loved visiting but after this trip I realized that it is probably not the place for me. I like to live life at a little slower, more controlled pace.

All in all New York was an amazing experience and I learned a little more about myself while taking in the city. A great piece of advice I received came from Big Spaceship – Find the one thing you do differently and capitalize on it. I think this is an important thing to remember. We are all different, and have great qualities to share with the world, so get out there and share ’em.

Find serenity within the madness. 

What a trip. I’m still exhausted but can’t wait to visit again one day.

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25 – Where It’s At

Here is where you can find my best work.

24 – Become Someone Else

As this term comes to a close I find myself reflecting on what I have learned so far. Deb Morrison has blown my mind many times throughout the term with her wise words along with some really amazing guest speakers who came in to talk with our class. One thing that has really stuck with me since the beginning of the term was the importance of reading. 

I saw this photo and it really stuck out to me. We as consumers can learn so much from the paths others have created for us. A book is a way for a reader to get inside of the brain of the writer. For a moment we can almost become that writer by becoming consumed with their words.

A few books that were suggested to our class as great reads were….

So I thought I would suggest these to anyone who may read this.

Remember to always continue to expand your knowledge. If you aren’t moving forward then you are moving backward. You never stand still.

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23 – Doggelganger

“How you doin’?” That is what Congo…the little boy below is saying to the camera. Look at that little side smirk, such a ladies man. While puppy sitting today I snapped a few great pictures of this wild little man. I got to thinking about how he looks like his owner, which in turn got me to looking at other dog owners who look extremely similar to their furry friends.

We have all heard of a Doppelganger. You know, your celebrity look-alike. I’m not exactly sure I have one. But have you ever heard of a Doggelganger? New Zealand’s Pedigree Adoption Drive made this very clever Doggelganger site that matches up a picture of a human with a dog that is in need of a home. This technology finds you a pup that looks similar to you in hopes that it will tug at your heart-strings and get you to bring it home with you. I of course had to try this out because I was dying to know who would match up with me. My Doggelganger was Kim, who was matched to me with 62% accuracy. Kim is a two-year old German Shepherd and Lab mix, and I must say, we did share some similar features. I am too embarrassed to put up the actual picture of me and Kim because I am still in my pajamas from yesterday as I was doing homework all day today. Lazy I know, but none of you really need to see that image.

I thought this was just the coolest website that added a little personality and an interactive aspect to the adoption process. Animal adoption is such an important thing and this is such a clever way to market to a potential adoptee.

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22 – D I Y Don’t You

I love DIY projects. I have a file on my computer filled with the next thing I want to make for my home. I found the cutest idea today while wasting my time on the internet. I am nearly obsessed with the chevron pattern so when I saw this I knew I had to try it!

Go from this….

to this…in just a few easy steps.

What you will need…

1. Shoe box lids

2. Primer

3. Semi-gloss spray paint

4. A chevron pattern

5. Painters tape

6. Colored spray paint(s) of your choice

  • Prime and semi-gloss spray your boxes
  • Let them fully dry
  • Trace chevron pattern on boxes
  • Follow tracings with painters tape
  • Spray with colored paint
  • Let dry
  • Pull off painters tape and touch up any needed spots with white
  • Hang on wall!

This is a quick and easy DIY project anyone can do, and it’s super cute. Props to Spunky Junky for leading the way on this project.

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21 – The Beauty of a Cocktail

I love a good cocktail. Nothing is more satisfying to me than going out to dinner and getting the most delicious drinkable form of art delivered to me. What better way than to spice up your life than with this super cool and colorful infographic of every cocktail you can think of. It is a great piece of art and so informatively fun at the same time. Although throwing a couple back is always a good time, this infographic gives viewers the chance to take a closer look at what they could potentially be sippin’ on.

Too often I see those tacky posters of the different sorts of drinks strewn up on the walls in the homes of (tasteless) college kids. It nearly kills me. This photo however is tasteful piece of art while displaying the same information, just in a much more interesting and detailed way. Add some class to your drinking activities why don’t you! I think I will be purchasing this for my next house…when I live somewhere that isn’t 30 degrees inside and has flooring that hardly supports my weight. Check out this piece of art along with other cool posters here.

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20 – Curiosity

“Tonight we are YOUNG, so I set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.” – Fun  

19 – The Honest Truths About the U of O

Meme’s are the hot trend right now at the University of Oregon, and someone was genius enough to make a Facebook page dedicated to them. I have spent far too much time looking through all of these and have been guilty of laughing out loud in my room alone. I laugh cause they’re true.

I suggest checking ’em out. You won’t be disappointed.

Ain’t that the truth.

Also true. Happened to me last night.

Ahh the frustrations of getting 12 of the same flyer in a day.

Californians act like it’s better down there and yet here they all are. Go Ducks!

This is a daily occurrence in my classes.

The joy of getting a student ticket on the first try…almost never happens.

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18 – Peponi [Paradise]

The power and beauty of language is unbelievable.

Peponi – Swahili for paradise. A fantastic twist by The Piano Guys Steven Sharp Nelson, John Schmidt featuring Alex Boye to the song Paradise by Coldplay. I love how they tied in Swahili to the  African safari theme of the Coldplay original.

Check out other work by The Piano Guys. They are very talented musicians putting an acoustic twist on modern-day music. I’m a sucker for the piano. Boy do I wish I would have stuck with it as a kid. Mistake.

Here is the original by Coldplay.

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

Now that is a quote to remember.

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17 – Dog :: Perro :: Chien :: Cane

I am asked what inspires me, so I think about this question often.  When I think about what inspires me there is always one constant answer that comes to mind. Dogs. Dogs are my inspiration. It took me a while to understand how and why they do but I have finally figured it out.

My roommates think I am so strange because of how I talk and interact with dog’s…yes, all dog’s. Big, small, furry, naked, nice, or grumpy, I will love them all the same.

In my first life I’m pretty positive I was a dog. I firmly believe that dogs are as human as we are, and that they express their feelings far better than the average human. They are the most loving, understanding beings and will ALWAYS lend an ear to listen. They give me a sense of comfort that I wish I were capable to giving to others.

Dogs give me the inspiration to work through things. When I get stuck on something, I find it easiest to look at my dog and think of how they would solve the problem. It helps me simplify the issue because I know they never over think something. I mean come on, the biggest issue they have is trying to remember where they hid their bone.

 Pups have got it made. They are straight forward and they don’t pretend to like something or someone. They do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Those are pretty great traits if you ask me. I think we can all learn a lot from these furry friends.

Dogs also help with my creative process. I imagine how they would talk if they had human voices. I think about who they would have been in a past life. It is unbelievable entertaining and I probably..no I definitely, spend far too much time doing this on a daily basis.

I believe dogs have the answers to everything, and if we could see the world though the eyes of a dog I think things would be so very clear.

I have a few very special pups in my life.

Meet Kamala. She has made an appearance on my blog before, and she’s getting rather famous if I do say so myself. She is a giant furball and I love it. She sheds like mad but is the best snuggle buddy I know. I deal with the constant hair that has made itself a permanent part of my wardrobe. She’s Australian Shepherd and part wolf, can’t ya’ tell? Woof.

This is Gracee. She is my mother’s dog. She is a Coton de Tulear (a sassy french breed) and she wanted to dress up as a squirrel for Halloween. Look at that smile. If Kamala saw her wearing this outfit she would probably try to eat her because she loves to chase squirrels. (Must be the wolf in her.)

This is Amoré. He is an Italian Greyhound and is essentially translucent. He is just the cutest darn thing ever. He leaps like a deer and is faster than you could ever believe.

I waste most of my time online by looking at pictures such as this one below. Nothing makes me smile more than funny pictures like these. Pinterest is a great place to find them. Trust me, they are worth looking at, you won’t regret it.

Someday I plan on having many dogs of my own, but unfortunately I must wait until my mother lets me. Boo.

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